One of the most efficient and knowledgeable repair shops you will find in this city. I had a laptop that another establishment said was done and that i needed a new hard drive, in less than a day up an running! Cell phone repairs done quickly and affordable. For sure a great find for locals or visitors, nice waiting area too!


This is hands down the best place for computer repairs in San Diego. I needed some files recovered and my hard drive fixed on my Mac Book Pro. I first went to Apple in fashion valley and after waiting for an hour to have the computer looked at, they told me they do not recover files. Next, I went to Best Buy who said it would take a minimum of 2 weeks, and that they didn't even think the files were able to be recovered. I had pretty much given up, but I decided to check out Ifixurdevice because I live downtown. Not only did they recover my files and fix my hard drive, but it was done in less than 2 days! This is some of the best and most efficient service I have experienced.


I came in to find out why my phone wasn't backing up. Chris, the guy running the place showed me a quick fix and didn't even charge me for his time. He was very nice and professional and showed me around the shop. I thought it was kinda cool that he has a nice collection of Star Wars memorabilia in display there.. Fun to look at while you're waiting. When I made a comment that Star Wars came out in the late 70s when I was very young, and it was so way ahead of it's time as far as special effects, Chris showed me an album cover from the first Star Wars movie a customer gave him.  Cool! If you want excellent customer service and live near downtown or in Little  Italy, I'd recommend you come here if you have a broken phone.


this place is great!  I shattered the screen on my Samsung Galaxy, and they did a beautiful job repairing it.  Pricing was very competitive and fair.  The guys are very knowledgeable and helpful.  they also sell screen protectors and phone accessories.  I will definitely be going back and recommend them!  Honest & Fair!